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Arun Devaraj, Daniel Perea Featured in Chemical & Engineering News Article on Seeing Atoms

(October 2014)

Atom probe tomography results
Arun Devaraj and his colleagues used atom probe tomography to determine the location of catalytic gold nanoparticles (yellow) embedded in magnesium oxide. This artwork and several videos from the national laboratory are featured in the latest issue of Chemical & Engineering News.

Arun Devaraj and Daniel Perea, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, were interviewed about their research for Mitch Jacoby's cover story, "Microscopy Method Goes Deep." In the Chemical & Engineering News article, Jacoby shares the history of atom probe tomography (APT) and recent innovations; the technology lets scientists see the atomic building blocks of matter. Devaraj discussed his team's work analyzing model catalyst materials and lithium-ion battery cathode materials. Perea discussed his team's work to develop a way to harness the power of APT to examine "soft" biomaterials, potentially using cryogenic approaches. Devaraj's and Perea's research benefits from resources in EMSL, a national scientific user facility, and the support of PNNL's Chemical Imaging Initiative.

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